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My Fibromyalgia Poem

Numb, dumb, undone and limp
sinking, slow-thinking, dim and sick
I shiver, I quiver, I gasp and I moan
I can't stay at work and I can't leave my home

You think that I'm faking!  You can't feel this aching
You can't see the fog that descends on my brain
I look just fine most of the time
except for my face, which is twisted in pain

You don't believe it when I say that I can't
when I say I'm too tired, or weak, for that
I don't' blame you for having your doubts
but, for the love of Christ—give me a chance!

Are you exhausted when you wake up?
Are you drowsy all goddamned day?
Do you know what it's like to have pain in your legs—
arms, hands, feet, wrists, ankles, shoulders, hips
—for weeks, that won't go away?

Does your brain go numb; do your limbs go slack?
Are you ever too weak to walk?
Do you ever sleep fourteen hours a day?
Or get too confused to talk?

Have you any fucking idea what it's like
To live with the problems I've got?
I hope that you don't and you never will
That may sound like spite, but it's not

I hope no one else has to feel what I've felt
as long as I can recall
I hope that someday this will be understood
and no one need suffer at all:

Numb, dumb, undone, and limp
sinking, slow-thinking, dim and sick
I can't work, I can't walk, I can't lift my hand…
but I can write
and I can scream
…now do you understand?
i wrote this a long time ago
things were different then


:heart: my $ponsors, *CaXe and *iamthemindfire
:heart: *HeianMD

:heart: ~Inglorious-Btards, for this awesome link:
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Inglorious-Btards Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010
Thank you for writing this. I know there is help for people with that health problem. I'm going through an article about it now. That site is a great source of helpful info: [link]
RatherDifferentART Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Student General Artist
My mum just told me that she might have it and her name's Kay. I said that you wrote a poem about it and she now has it on her computer.
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wildhype Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
well there is nothing minor about having an illness that
a) is incurable
b) is poorly (or not at all) understood
c) is (largely) untreatable
d) is often regarded by (ignorant, evil) ppl as imaginary and an excuse to seek attention/sympathy matter how 'severe' the case
another thing to keep in mind is that fibromyalgia is a 'bustbin' diagnosis (we say 'wastebasket' here in the 'states but i thought i'd use a little culturally creative license here)--that simply means that they've tested for everything they can think of to test for (lupus, arthritis, gout, etc. et al.) and haven't found anything but you're obviously sick with SOMETHING (they just can't figure out what, exactly) so they say you have 'fibromyalgia', which is kind of a vague syndromic concept to describe the symptoms you're experiencing. Whenever they finally do figure out what causes 'fibromyalgia', the disease will most likely be renamed (because the name 'fibro.' is based on symptoms and what is believed to be going on with the illness; when we figure out what is actually going on with the illness the picture may change quite a bit.) One of my pet theories these days is that there is a whole class of related illnesses that we don't understand yet (because we are not aware of the molecules/genetics/epigenetics/other fine structures involved yet) and once we do figure all this shite out we'll see that all the ppl who were diagnosed with 'fibro.' (since the '50s or whatev) represent several distinctly different diseases that all share a common dysfunction or related dysfunctions in the same body system. There is tonnes about the human body and the science of living things in general that we don't understand yet, because there's tonnes of things we just haven't discovered yet. Some of us are gonna stay sick until we figure more things out...but this is all stuff that could be solved any day, the way technology, science, and medicine progress. =)
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iamthemindfire Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
Perfect!!!!I went through some vicious cancer and this is what I would have wrote.
wildhype Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
for "the rest of the story":
HeianMD Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im male, 20 y/o. not supposed to have fibromyalgia. started having it since i was 14. took almost 6 years to diagnose, and appreantly i have a severe case of it - not responding to treatment. and i tried everything.
my sympathies dear. i hope u will feel better soon.
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